Phrase delay — triggered phrase looper and delay

I’m answering the same inquiry from Matty Plumski on the FB group regarding the Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai’s 1 Second + Reverse Multi-Tap that viktori.shallov responded to with the patch:

I chose a slightly different path, using a phrase looper that is initiated by playing dynamics (a convoluted form of the envelope follower gate on Tips and Tricks). You play something; it records it. You stop playing (or hit the left stompswitch, which interrupts the recording and _triggers_ playback), it stops recording.

I’m not trying to reproduce the peculiarities of the SMMH’s “multi-tap” which is truly weird and interesting ( kind of approximates its rising echo setting); I used a regular “delay with mod” effects module, although I did throw on a “warp” feature to make it a little weird.

The patch is stereo throughout, but the dynamic control for the looper is taken from the left input.



Left, momentary — replays the last loop recorded into the buffer

Middle, momentary — “warp,” shifts the delay’s time and maxes out its feedback, for oscillation effects

Right, momentary — tap tempo for the delay

Front page:

The left side is devoted to the looper.

There’s a pushbutton for reverse; next to it is a pitch(speed) control.

I added the tape age vibrato distortion I used in airport loops (, and a “speed” control that lets you fade in the degradation.

There’s a level control for the looper; there’s also a fade control, that lets you fade the looper in.

Beneath that is a threshold control for the looper dynamics. You do _not_ want the looper to be continuously recording. If it exceeds its 32 second buffer, the patch will stop working correctly. So if the record light in the bottom left hand corner stays lit up all the time, keep raising the threshold.

The right side is for the delay, which is set to tape (you can find it on page 4 if you want to change the type; when set to clean, the “warp” should result in a looped delay buffer, for instance).

Feedback, mix, mod rate, mod depth are all just pulled from the delay to the front page.

At the bottom is the warp control. Setting it negative will cause the delay to speed up when the middle stompswitch is pressed. Setting it to positive will cause the delay to slow down.

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