Grampler is a granular sampler. Record a sample, play the sound on the keyboard, tweak the parameters until you have an interesting sound.

Version History:
1.0 – Initial Release. Apr 3 2022

Turns anything you record into a playable polyphonic instrument with 6 voices. Granular synthesis allows to change the playback speed independently of pitch by splitting the given audio into grains. You can control the grain size, density, spread, grain window function (hann, tukey, close to none), playback speed, playback direction and stereo width. Recorded samples can be up to 2 seconds long. The part to be played can be sliced by setting a start and a end position. Additionally, there is a page with controls for two effects: reverb and a filter LFO.
It is based on the fantastic GrainStorm patch (

The Organelle keyboard functions as a standard 2 octave keyboard in this patch, where the second C represents the original recorded pitch. It is playable like a normal synthesizer patch. Play notes and change the sound characteristics with the knobs. You can latch the notes you pressed by turning the first knob on page 4 to the right. Then you are free to use both hands to change the grain and effects parameters.

A typical use case would be:
1. Find an interesting audio source
2. Press AUX button to record the sound
3. Select page 2 via the encoder knob and set the playback start and end positions of the recorded audio such that no unintended clicks at the beginning or the end remain in the sound. Don’t forget to adjust them again after you record a new sample.
4. Play some notes
5. Latch one or multiple notes (on page 4)
6. Add an LFO Filter and a little bit of reverb on page 3


Changes w.r.t. the original GrainStorm patch:
– 1 instead of 10 pre-loaded samples
– no file explorer to load samples, instead possibility to record new sample of maximum length of 2s
– AUX button triggers record, not reverb freeze
– support of 6 voices instead of originally 4
– autoplay of recorded sample with modifiable speed
– possibility to set a start and end position of the loaded sample
– took out cutoff and resonance control knobs
– possibility to reverse playback direction
– support of multiple grain window functions (added tukey and ‘close to none’)
– possibility to latch input notes
– added LFO Filter effect (copied from the FX-13 effects patch,
– took out reverb length, Freq and Damping factor knobs

If you like a setting, don’t forget to ‘Save’ in the Storage menu. If you want to keep your recorded sample, don’t forget to ‘Save New’ in the Storage menu since the sound will get overwritten the next time you press the AUX button

3 comments on “Grampler
  • Felix Petrescu on said:

    great patch!
    one question – why 2 seconds and not 10 for example!?
    isnt 2 too little ?!

  • donnerbono on said:

    Nice work. Thanks for sharing!

  • mmateriaa on said:

    Hey, so this patch makes great sounds. For some reason though, it’s like the mic’s on even when I’m just trying to play the synth, so I hear all of my button presses even when I’m recording a performance.

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