A multi-effects patch with 24 presets (one per key). This patch is all about quickly selecting an effect, changing the effect settings, saving a new preset and then jumping to other presets. Perhaps designed for those with ADD and those who like exploring.

Knob1 chooses effect: reverb, delay, spectral delay, pitch shifter, chorus, flanger, phaser, bitcrusher, tremolo, LFO filter, panner, and two distortions. The other three knobs control effect parameters. Once you like your choices, save it as a preset by pressing the Aux/foot switch. Press another Organelle key to start working on another preset.

Knob1: Effect Select
Knob2: Depends on Effect (Knob1)
Knob3: Depends on Effect (Knob1)
Knob4: Depends on Effect (Knob1)
Aux and Foot Switch: Stores preset on selected key.

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