GrainStorm Ver1.0

GrainStorm is a granular synthesizer that repeats a short grain of audio from a designated recording to produce anything from rich pad sounds to imitations of real instruments. It comes with 10 pre-loaded samples which can be replaced with any .wav file under 8 seconds long.

Pressing the Aux button will toggle the reverb feedback rate to 100% resulting in an infinite sustain loop for massive pad soundscapes.

It supports 4 voices with a modifiable attack/release envelope and a lowpass filter that affects the overall signal.

1) Grain
– This page houses the main granular settings to change the length, rate and position of the grain.
1: Start Pos. – Select the starting position of the grain.
2: Length – Change the length of the grain in ms.
3: Density – Change the grain repeat rate.
4: Width – Changes the stereo width.

2) Envelope/Filter
– Here, the amplitude envelope and filter parameters can be changed.
1: Attack – Amplitude attack.
2: Release – Amplitude release.
3: Cutoff – Lowpass cutoff.
4: Resonance – Lowpass resonance.

3) Reverb
– Mix and adjust the reverb effect.
1: Mix – Set the wet/dry mix.
2: Length – Tail length/room size.
3: Freq – Frequency at which the damping will affect.
4: Damping – Level of high frequency damping.

4) File
– Choose from 10 audio files to load. These can be replaced with any < 8 second .wav file.
1: File – Select a file to load.
Aux: Load.

*There are a still few bugs to squash in this version so if you encounter any or have any suggestions please let me know!

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  1. Limper on said:

    This patch is straight up wonderful! Like, so good! Thank you!

  2. JMage on said:

    this is really great. would be lovely to have an option to also sample new material

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