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SciFi Nurd. Trekkie. Star Citizen. Likes Luxury Nautic Vessels, Modern Fashion & Art, Synth Music, Xeno-Anthropology, Exploration, Hiking & Dogs! Born in 1977 as a son of a TV- , Radio- and Microcomputer Electronic Intructor at Philips, I spent my childhood in front of 19" racks and the 8080/8085 vocational training computer watching my father building modules like tape decks and clocks, programming EPROMS in Assembler language and testing them with oscilloscopes. Later I helped my father with the graphics in an electronic practice book he wrote and learned a lot of signal processing and modulation. Although my father abhored synthesizer music, because he loved classical orchestral music and back then it couldn't be synthesized with high fidelity, I was very interested in the technical aspect of it, which is why I love synths and synth music. As a first synth I acquired the KORG Minilogue XD during 2020 and made my first own baby steps on an analog synthesizer. I also checked out CAUSTIC 3.0, which has a modular synth rack, but it was very limited. Now in late 2021 I got to know about VCV from a friend and I immediately liked it. I am no professional musician, but I love experimenting with signals and if it turns out to sound like ambient space music one day, I reached my goal.