Spacey Strings

I made this Patch for the VCV Rack Community Edition 2.git.219bbaf1 with FM modded VCOs, a SEQ-3 as arpeggiator and an attempt at a stereo delay. Uses only Foundation Modules.

How it is built:

– YELLOW: MIDI-CV and ROW1 from SEQ-3 is unified (UNITY) into V/OCT. Use QWERTY on your keyboard and the OCT module to transpose and play. Turn the knobs in ROW1 of the SEQ-3 for arp variations.

– PURPLE/RED: VCO1 SAW FM mods VCO2 and gets a VCF/LPF and is enveloped via the VCA and sent to the AUDIO device – right directly, left via DELAY.

– GREEN: This is the GATE from SEQ-3 for the ADSR.

– BLUE: THE LFO-2 (4Hz) is my master clock for the SEQ-3 and the SCOPES and the DELAY (0.25s) is tuned to fit.

How to use:
– Please first set up your AUDIO device.

– Fiddle with it as you see fit.

– Modify ROW1 of the SEQ-3 for arpeggiator variations.

– Modify the FREQ of VCO-2 for alternative sound shape.

– Modify the FREQ of VCF or plug the RED cable in LPF into HPF instead to filter the sound differently.

– Modify the ATT and REL of the ADSR envelope for a more legato or more plucky sound.

– Use the SCOPE left to the clock LFO-2 to adjust the DELAY against the clock (Default LFO=4Hz, DELAY=0.25s -> Multiples of 0.25s work best.)

Hope you like it. Please discuss about it here:

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    I can’t get it to open. I get an error message that says JSON parson error at

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