A Machine Dream

The machine muses to itself.

Performance notes

Initial condition of patch:
Clocked – Run state off
Flow – both buttons off
Timex – counters off
8-ch Mixer – all channels muted except 7 and 8

Performance instructions

1. Raise master Mix level with Tact-1 controller
2. Start Clocked
3. Unmute mixer channels in whatever order you prefer. Follow the channel levels for smooth entries. The timing doesn’t need to be perfect.
4. Let it play. Fade out when you like. Stop Clocked’s Run status to hold the final harmony for a long fade.

See the notes for the YouTube video for details regarding the patch construction.

Patch updated 22 August 2021 to accommodate changed module names.

2 comments on “A Machine Dream
  • Dave_Phillips on said:

    Anyone who enjoys my patch should definitely check out Dave’s version, it’s a lovely take.

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