A Machine Dream Reprise

I ran across Dave Phillips’ patch “A Machine Dream” https://patchstorage.com/a-machine-dr…., and something drew me in. I downloaded and modified it for a live performance with Native American flute in a Virtual Open Mic. I think this is my favorite flute/synth combo so far.

You can hear Dave’s original at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2fzgobYjbk

My version is clearly the same fundamental architecture, and sound. But besides swapping out a few modules for equivalents, I tweaked one whole voice significantly by use AD envelopes instead of ADSR, and selected a saw wave to give some nice cello like swells. I also slowed the BPM LFO down and eliminated most of the tremolo effect. I also reversed the order of the bass line, going from high to low instead of low to high. I removed the Plateau reverb and used Valhalla Supermassive running in Reaper. I used the default Gemini mode.

To simplify for live performance, I added automation with Start and Stop buttons in the lower left to dim the lights and automatically phase in a new voice every 10 seconds or so. The stop buttons stops the clock and brings the lights back up as the sound fades out. After the performance I added a Bogaudio Switch to the far left that lets you select if the bass line should start high or low.

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