this is now replaced by StartVNC which works on both organelle-1 and organelle-m


for Organelle-1 only

This patch installs a VNC server onto the Organelle to allow remote connection/patching from a desktop/laptop

– download ZOP file, and transfer to Organelle patch directory (do NOT attempt to unpack it!)
– on organelle, select “Install TigerVNC”

– wifi connection working :)
– VNC client on your desktop/laptop

(macOS already has screen sharing, other platforms many available free including TightVNC, RealVNC, TigerVNC)

(on organelle)
– start wifi as normal
– start VNCServer
System -> Extras -> TigerVNC

(on your desktop/laptop)
– start your vnc client
address of organelle is : organelle:5901
password is : coolmusic

change log:
1.2 bug fix: fix installer for usb install
1.1 bug fix : create System directory if missing
1.0 orig release

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  • Revision: 1.3
  • License: GPL
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4 comments on “TigerVNC
  • JMage on said:

    Hi…this would be so cool.
    However, having no luck.
    I’m running organelle as an access point and having no trouble accessing my files on it with my macs wifi pointed at the organelle. installed tiger vnc and it shows up in extras, but when I go to screen sharing app and past in organelle:5901 it gives me various error messages. do i need a prefix? vnc://organelle:5901 doesnt seem to work either… please help!

  • harmonyunited on said:

    Hey JMage! I JUST spent an hour trying to figure it out…

    Soo…. i was running into the same issues as you. I tried various VNC clients and tons of settings. After poking around in the menus and looking into the info page inside the organelle i noticed the “Host name: organelle.local” and figured might as well try!! E voila!

    I used MacOS’s “Screen Sharing” program and i typed in: organelle.local:5901 with the given coolmusic password and it worked like a charm. Maybe it will work for you too :)


  • keeluhatv on said:

    not tryna be dense or sarcastic… but this does not explicitly state (in my reading) that the organelle needs to be connected to wifi itself?
    maybe i misnderstand what the usb wifi adapters do… i was under the impression that the organelle could perhaps host say, a computer to computer network without the wifi adapter, but not upload download patches to remote servers and access the wider web…

    TL:DR; i need a wifi adapter for this, no?

  • mokomo on said:

    thanks tb – super useful!

    (works perfectly from my w10 64 machine when the organelle has been connected to wifi, using organelle:5901 on tigervnc viewer)

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