this is no longer required, instead please install
Organelle OS 4.0 (or later)


This patch creates a VNC server onto the Organelle to allow remote connection/patching from a desktop/laptop

– download ZOP file, and transfer to Organelle patch directory (do NOT attempt to unpack it!)
– on organelle, select “Install StartVNC”

– wifi connection working :)
– VNC client on your desktop/laptop

(macOS already has screen sharing, other platforms many available free including TightVNC, RealVNC, TigerVNC)

(on organelle)
– start wifi as normal
– start VNCServer
System -> Extras -> StartVNC

(on your desktop/laptop)
– start your vnc client

for Organelle-1
address of organelle is : organelle:5901
password is : coolmusic

for Organelle-2
address of organelle is : organellem:5901
name and password is : music

for more details and troubleshooting, please consult this post on C&G Forum :

THIS replaces the TigerVNC

change log:
1.0 orig release

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2 comments on “StartVNC
  • spdegabrielle on said:

    On macOS 10.15.1 vnc://organellem:5901 returns the error “The software on the remote computer appears to be incompatible with this version of Screen Sharing.”

  • spdegabrielle on said:

    Good news – the realvnc free VNC Viewer works fine :)

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