Tape Synth++

Increment of fuurther’s super little Tape Synth / Mellotron type thing. Now with Midi Keyboard input, FX galore and extra knobs!

Version 6 New Features
– Connect your midi keyboard’s mod wheel to one of the first FX13 parameter knobs for live-play control
– Variable sample start position and length – extract an interesting section from a longer sample

See https://patchstorage.com/tape-synth/ for the original, thank you thank you.

New Features:
– 4-page menu control

– Midi keyboard input
– Midi pitch bend
– Midi Mod Wheel control of FX13’s knobs
– Midi Velocity-sensitive

– Variable sample start position and length
– Multi-octave play
– Tuning tweak knob
– Intonation tweak knob
– 2 layers of FX13
– Up to 20 tape samples

How To Load a Sample
1. Press and Hold Aux
2. Use Knob 1 to select a sample from 1 to 20
3. Hit C# to load
Samples are now held in the ‘samples’ sub-folder and are called e.g. Audio1.wav, Audio2.wav… so it’s easy to add your own. Supplied with samples 1..7

Aux Key Menu
C# Choose a sample with Knob 1, hit C# to load
D# Connect your midi keyboard’s mod wheel to one of the first FX13’s knobs (2,3 or 4)
F# Reverb amount
G# Shift Octave (-3 to +3)

1) Main
1. Lag (controls attack and glide)
2. Attack/Release time
3. Sample Start Position %
4. Sample Length %

2) Etc
1. Tune Tweak (~2 semitones)
2. Pre-Amp volume tweak
3. Tape Warble %
4. Intonation tweak (sharp/flat)

3) FX1
The usual range of C&G FX13 effects

4) FX2
Another layer

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