Tape Synth

Do you like small, quirky blue keyboards with quaint, enticing youtube videos? Are cassette tapes the COOLEST but making actual tape loops is laborious and hazardous to your health?

That’s why there is:

I made some loops out of samples from the mellowtron patch plus one of my own. Finally figured out how to use the tabread4~ object and using the power of math created this sweet emulation of a cassette tape synthesizer!

Adjust LAG for some sweet portamento!
Dial in some tape WARBLE!
Control your attack and decay with ENVELOPE!
Drown the whole thing in some haunting REVERB!


Or make your own loops… I don’t care…

10 comments on “Tape Synth
  • Alberto Romero on said:

    Wow, very cool! Thank you so much!

  • Tobias Hendrickson on said:

    This patch sounds amazing!
    It works flawlessly on the organelle keyboard…
    Unfortunately, it responds sporadic and infrequent on an external midi keyboard.
    Any thoughts as to what might be the culprit?
    Thanks so much for your hard work on this one… Seriously love it!

  • Tobias Hendrickson on said:

    Just out of curiosity, is anyone else having this same issue with an external midi controller?
    It will only trigger a note every 10 key presses or more… very random at best.
    Ive tried multiple midi interfaces and keyboards…
    they all work normally on my other patches, so I am kinda stumped?
    Thought I would see if anyone else happens to be in the same boat?
    I love the patch, but I want to record some parts that are beyond what I can get out of the organelles built in keyboard. ;)
    Any help would be much appreciated.

  • fuurthur on said:

    Hi everybody.

    Yeah. this patch will definitely behave erratically with external devices. It was purely intended for the organelle. Because of the nature of the tabread4 object and the method I used to convert note values to “tape speed” I only focused on making the range of the organelle functional (which honestly is probably the extremes of what would sound good using only a single sample)

    I’m sure someone better at programming could come up with a more graceful approach to this concept. I might take another look at it and see if there is an obvious fix.

    I hope that made sense.

  • laptop funeral on said:

    i…. i think i’m in love

  • cryptoegg on said:

    fuurthur! This is legit. Wondering if it’s possible to make this patch polyphonic? Could it be done if we used only one sound (say the ‘flute’ for example) and added extra samples in? Also…I’m keen to try and get it working well on external MIDI keyboard. I’ll let you know how I go :)

  • fuurthur on said:

    Hi Cryptoegg, thank you for the kind words. Poly would be interesting. I’ve never tried to write a poly synth with portamento. It could lead to some wacky results. If it is the warble that you are enjoying a simple way to get this sound would be to add the vibrato portions of the patch to the mellotron patch (which is where most of those samples came from anyway) I have been meaning to go back and retool my work here to be more compatible with all the updates. Then the Orac came out and now I have a whole new thing to explore!

  • lucien on said:

    Love this patch ! Unfortunately I have an issue with my external midi controler, no sound.

  • coxidelic on said:

    really like this patch. thanks!!

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