Stomp It. MODIFY ME!

All right, so you fancy yourself better than me, huh? You want to build a better super-patch?

Reference all the notes from the original Stomp It. series here.

But this set of two is hardly any different. It just makes it easier for moving pages around.

Every page is an effect. Every page has a white inverter in the top left, value module in top center, and white inverter on top right. The value module is what you’ll connect to a footswitch (or anything really) in order to activate the effect. The inverters are patch points for audio. Audio goes in the top left inverter, audio goes out the top right inverter.

Why inverters? They’re the least CPU-intensive audio pass-through.

Anyways, hopefully this makes it very easy for you to customize without having to trace down any audio or CV paths.

264 PM
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  • Category: Effect
  • Revision: 1.0
  • License: Do What The F*ck You Want To Public License
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  • Modified: 9 months ago
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