Stomp It. (Two Patches of Assignable Momentary Effects)

ZOIA was exciting to me because everything could be assigned to external footswitches or expression pedals or other stuff. I wanted a bunch of momentary effects that didn’t exist in stand-alone pedals.

The Stomp It. series is the fullest fulfillment of this dream.

There’s now two of these!

If you were familiar with Stomp It. before this update, you’ll pretty much see the same thing. Page 0 is all you really need. yeLlow is your Left switch, Magenta is Middle, and Red is Right. Assign these to any of the six value modules on the front page to have that footswitch control that particular effect.

Stomp It. includes the following effects:

Red is Reverb Drowner. Upon footswitch hold, your signal slowly decays into a washed-out, infinite decay reverb. Upon footswitch release, it quickly returns to your dry signal while leaving only a tiny trail of decay.

Yellow is Tape Scrub. Upon footswitch hold, your signal warps as if being mishandled through a tape transport, with an overt slow-down and catch-up. If you keep holding this, you’ll find your dry signal delayed by about two seconds. Upon footswitch release, your signal rubberbands yet again, returning your dry signal to instant.

Green is Tape Stop. Upon footswitch hold, your signal drops in pitch quickly and stays in the realms of “too low to hear.” Upon footswitch release, the virtual tape player starts up quickly with a quick rise in pitch.

Aqua is Glitch Looper. Upon footswitch hold, your signal switches over to an always-recording and playing looper, with randomly modulated start/end times, record and playback and reverse triggers, and double and quadruple speed options. Upon footswitch release, you return to your dry signal.

Blue is Alias Degrader. Upon footswitch hold, your signal starts to reduce its sample rate gradually to a fixed point of digital lo-fidelity where the pitch is still clear. Upon footswitch release, the sample rate re-increases at a steady rate back to your high-quality dry signal.

Purple is Filter Sweep. Upon footswitch hold, your signal gets cut down by a very aggressive, resonant low-pass filter and will stay there. Upon footswitch release, the filter slowly opens until returning to your dry signal.

Stomp It More. includes the following effects:

Red is Quick Stutter. Upon footswitch hold, your signal is muted, and a random-length, short snippet of what you’ve played is repeated in a quick, stutter fashion.

Yellow is Noise Grinder. Upon footswitch hold, your signal begins to fade, as a gross, fuzzy, Morse-code noise wash takes over your tone. If held long enough, your dry signal disappears and the buffer is frozen leaving you with an absolute mess.

Green is Ring Mod Ramp. Upon footswitch hold, your signal gets multiplied with a rising oscillator, creating a somewhat dissonant pitch-rise that will elevate itself beyond levels of human hearing, making your sound virtually silent.

Aqua is Gooey Tickler. Upon footswitch hold, your signal gets ramped up through a randomly modulated phaser that increases faster and faster in speed, leaving an absolutely slimy mess nobody will want to clean up.

Blue is VB-2 Ramp. Inspired by the Boss VB-2 ramp mode, upon footswitch hold, your signal gets slowly modulated by a vibrato of increasing speed, until it contains zero original pitch content and frankly, is hard to listen to.

Magenta is Filter Close. Upon footswitch hold, your signal will slowly be cut off by a resonant low-pass filter down to its minimum value.

And that’s what your effects are.

For quick and easy modification, you can scroll through pages named by effect name, and on the lower left hand corner, there’s a white module. Some are slew limiters, some are ADSR, some might be something else. But this will adjust the response time of how long it takes for your effect to reach its peak.

PRO TIP: Connect a footswitch to more than one effect.

If you’re interested in easy importing of pages, check out the other patch “Stomp It. MODIFIABLE.” Those are functionally identical to these two patches, just laid out with values and audio patch points on each effects page. I’ll explain in the link for it.

Have fun. Stomp It.

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    There’s no patch in the download, only a txt file.

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    No u.

    My bad. Fixed! Sorry to everyone who has a script to download new patches immediately.

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    My new favorite patch! It’s all well labeled and laid out very cleverly. Great work, definitely going to be using this live.

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    What a great toolkit. Thanks so much for making this available!

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