Seabird Reverb

Reverby things. Press keys and turn knobs and things will change :)

NB: Notes with no sharp don’t do anything.

Treat reverse settings carefully – they go a bit wild and need more control (hence work in progress!).

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  • 男メロウ on said:

    Hi ~ I would love to see a flowchart as to what went where and why … great setup my friend .. also costs of each box

  • donnerbono on said:

    It’s A Datorro plate reverb coded by Tom Erbe (controlled by the knobs) with an added pitch shifter as one thing. So mix 0% on top left means no pitch changes possible. Pitch %age controls how much plate reverb is shifted. 0% also allows dry signal into reverse and / or dirt.

    Feedback goes over 100 for knob twiddling but will blow up if left like that!

    The output of plate goes to reverse. How much output depends on %age. As said, reverse needs a bit of taming but I prefer it just mixed in more subtly and is ok for that.

    The output of all that goes to dirt (taken from c&g fx patch). How much depends on %age.

    As for why? Not sure. Think pitch should move to being a separate thing now I’ve written all that so will probably update it.

  • donnerbono on said:

    Updated from above.

    Version 1.1 now goes Plate > Reverse > Pitch > Dirt.

    All can be managed 0 to 100%.

    That is easier to describe.

  • veloopity on said:

    sounds great, looking forward to finding nice combinations. The user interface of course is a bit confusing (I need to draw a map which key does what), on the other hand it is great to see everything at once

  • jyglsshp on said:

    Just curious, does it work with ORAC?

  • donnerbono on said:

    I haven’t done anything with Orac, no. And yes, the interface is a bit experimental!

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