Remap Multi-Channel Midi Drums v1.5

Remap 8 drum trigger channels (from GR-16,Attack,BeatHawk or Poly2) to new notes preserving velocity of the original notes

Most of these apps allow to remap the notes in their own settings, but applying the scripts presets for various output drum apps with a single knob and managing the mapping in one place is a lot more convenient. The per drum mutes allow for live variations of the input pattern.

* The upper pad row shows the configured channels and notes. Pressing a pad triggers its output note. A pad either highlights while a note is active on the input channel or just flashes on note-on
* The lower pad row mutes individual input channels
* The HELP knob toggles between pads and help view
* The SHIFT button toggles between pads and config view

* The left upper 8 knobs configure the notes for each of the 8 input drum channels
* ‘Min’ and ‘Max’ limit the knob note range
* ‘Map’ selects input on channels 1-8 or 9-16
* ‘To’ selects the output channel
* The ‘Pads: Light/Flash’ knob toggles between highlighting the pads while a note is
active or just flashing the pads on note-on
* The lower right knob recalls 28 preset drum mapping configurations (mostly copied from X0X).
Modifying individual notes changes the label to ‘Custom’.
Configuring all notes like in one of the presets changes to that preset name
* If the Host is not playing changing a drums pads configuration sends out test notes
to help finding the correct setting
* The default values (on upload) map to Ruismaker on output channel 10 from input channel 1-8 and highlighting the pads during active notes

* Shows this description

The whole configuration including mutes is saved with the script and gets recalled when reloading the hosts session

– Waldorf Attack Drums
Attack sends its midi on two midi devices, one with 16 channels and the other
with 8 drum channels

– UVI BeatHawk
BeatHawk can send 16 channels

– Groove Rider GR-16
GR-16 can send 16 channels, you need to set its pads to trigger mode

– James Milton Poly 2
The Poly 2 app or AUv3 defaults to channels 1-8. With V1.0.1 the app sends the note-offs just before a new note is output, so the input pads are always lit. Choose the Pads:Flash mode to visualize the note-ons or modify the note length of Poly 2:

You can either set the max-length of each of the 8 channels to below 0.1sec in settings/midi or you need to lower the length of all note to 1% to see the pads flashing even for the fastest inner ring.

– Gadget
There are 4 specific and one ‘general’ map for Amsterdam/Tokyo /Abu Dabi

– Axon 2
The best way to configure Axon2 for external midi input is to set its clock to internal and not to start that clock.
Otherwise the center pulse will trigger the sound 00 (BD) even when the ‘network’ is cleared.

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6 comments on “Remap Multi-Channel Midi Drums v1.5
  • -ki on said:

    Update v1.1
    – Added Light Pads/Flash Pads mode toggle (for Poly2)
    – Added drum names on pads
    – Added Fractal Bits, there are now 24 drum-app mappings

    Example usage
    For AUM / Poly2 to BS-16i ‘Standard Drums’ mapping:

    – Load Poly 2 in midi slot

    – Load Mozaic in midi slot, load ‘Remap Multi-Channel Midi Drums’
    script, configure Poly 2 as midi input for Mozaic

    – Press SHIFT and select ‘Pads:Flash’ mode for Poly 2, select
    ‘General Midi’ preset, press SHIFT to return to the pads view

    – Load BS-16i in audio slot, select Mozaic as midi input. Open
    BS-16i and select ‘Standard Drums’ sound

    – Start AUMs clock by pressing AUM-Play, open Poly 2 and add some red notes which will trigger the bassdrum, a white snare and some other colored nodes that will play the other drums

    – Open up Mozaic, you will see the the triggered pads flash. Press the mute pads to temporary mute drums of the pattern.
    Press a drum pad in the upper row to trigger the BS-16i drums

  • -ki on said:

    Update v1.2
    – Added preset name display to pads view

  • -ki on said:

    Update v1.3
    – Changing the configuration while the host app is not playing sends out test notes to help finding the right mapping

    – The drum abbreviation (BD, SD…) is now displayed on the channel configuration knob as they are displayed on the pads

  • -ki on said:

    Update v1.4
    – Simplified to single output channel – there was no real use-case for separate output channels
    – Sorted the preset names

  • joebowbeer on said:

    Thanks! This is very useful. A few notes follow.

    Gadget: Each Gadget has its own mapping. The preset labeled Gadget applies to Gladstone, but Abu Dhabi, London and Recife have different mappings.

    Vatanator: The standalone and AU versions have different mappings. The preset labeled Vatanator applies to the Vatanator AU.

    Fractal Bits: The MIDI notes between 48 and 59 will light their corresponding pad (bottom left to top right) on Fractal Bits in its default 1-octave view. (The preset labeled Fractal Bits does not light all the pads.) The 3-octave view adds an octave below and above: 36..71.

  • -ki on said:

    Thanks at joebowbeer for the suggestions:

    Update v1.5
    – Added four specific Gadget mappings and a general one for Abu Dabi/Amsterdam/Tokyo

    – Modified Fractal Bits mapping to highlight the Fractal Bits pads

    – Renamed Vatanator preset to Vatanator AU

    – Refactored preset management, this allows to check current
    config vs all presets to revert the name back from ‚Custom‘ to the name of the preset found.

    – Since at least three of the presets have the same mapping (Axon2, General Midi and TR-8/08/09), the previous dialed-in preset is tested first to get back to the same name if one changes/reverts a knob.

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