Welcome to the ZOIA Anti-GAS Archive!

This is not a question. It’s an invitation.

Welcome to the ZOIA Anti-GAS Archive!


The purpose of this Archive is to provide community-driven answers to the question: “Is there a patch that does something like [X pedal/effect unit]?”

The patch doesn’t need to be an exact replica or even an attempt at it; the itch for new gear can be scratched in a lot of different ways. But it should aim to be “something like” the correlated pedal/effect unit — the notes section can be a place to explain your recommendation.

If you want to submit to the Archive, please first review the Archive to make sure your recommendation has not already been made (comments are enabled, if you want to elaborate on an existing recommendation), then fill out this form:



This project depends on community participation. It only works if YOU participate, so don’t be shy!


Additionally, if there are any Google sheets experts out there who can spare a little time to help me improve the appearance/functionality of the Archive, I would certainly appreciate some assistance in making the resource a little more inviting and easy to navigate. I’m a bit out of my depth when it comes to the higher functions of spreadsheeting, so any help would be much appreciated. Send me a message on Reddit, find me on Discord, or shoot me an email.


Patchstorage has no notification system for comments. Because of this, if you want to ask a question or add a comment, it may take me a while to see it. And unless you check this post constantly, you won’t see a reply. It’s a bad system for meaningful exchange is my point.

If you would like to ask a question or leave a comment, I encourage you to visit the r/ZOIA post here: https://www.reddit.com/r/ZOIA/comments/xd5rlq/zoia_antigas_archive_communitydriven/

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