Polyoctavous — a take on a polyphonic octave generator

**Requires firmware 1.13 to operate properly**

Take a signal, split it into four pitchshifters pitched two octaves down, an octave down, an octave up, and two octaves up. The patch uses granular modules for the lower octaves — although both have a “wobble,” I think the pitchshifter lacks “heft” in sub-octave settings — and pitchshifters for the upper octaves.

All of the signals are then mixed together, then sent through a volume swell and a filter. Pretty familiar, I hope.

Of course, pitchshifting in ZOIA has its drawbacks, but I think there is still a lot to like about this patch. I don’t think it would replace anyone’s POG 2, but it would give them a different option that could be preferable in some circumstances.

The patch is mono only, from left input to left output.

Top row:

Dry level — sets the dry level (all of the levels can exceed unity gain, so be careful when mixing)

High pass filter frequency — this precedes the pitchshifters as an attempt to clean up the low end and provide a somewhat less modulated sound (which works to a minor degree); you may try adjusting to different settings to suit your instrument or to try somewhat different sounds

Attack — the attack for the volume swell; to disable the volume swell, set the attack to 0. The attack can be up to 15 seconds long and uses a linear ADSR, so the attack level most likely to be used for guitar are > .2000. Longer times may be useful for synths or organs.

The envelope uses an onset detector, which I have set the sensitivity of to 0, because otherwise it makes me nuts. But you may want more sensitivity. The control is starred and can be found on the second page of the patch.

Low pass filter frequency — a sort of “tone” control for the patch; set it to shape the high frequency response

Bottom row:

Levels for -2 octave, -1 octave, +1 octave, and +2 octave signals. Mix and match as you please.

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