Scanner Darkly’s Orca’s Heart sequencer drives a recently enhanced version of the Elements modal synthesizer from Audible Instruments. The VCV Rack patch heard in this recording exploits the module’s new polyphonic capabilities and the added Ominous Voice synthesis model.

Stoermelder’s 8Face module stores four configurations of the Orca sequencer. The configuration sequences are triggered in performance by a clock value timing the triggers. The configurations differ in their scale settings, rhythmic algorithms, and gate lengths. All other settings are left at their default values throughout the sequences.

I’ve purposely kept the signal processing to a minimum with only a global reverb added to the mix. However, the ADSR envelope generators received considerable attention to their details. The EG gate values are received from the sequencer which controls the gate length as noted ablove. The result is a nice variety of envelopes in the four parts.

Some parameters of the synthesizer are modulated by the sequencer’s control values and/or the BPM LFO. The timbral variety heard here is rather narrowly defined. Alas (?), it’s easy to get carried away by the potential of the synthesizer’s timbral space, so I’ve purposely applied an uncommon amount of restraint.

The performers:

Aria Salvatrice – Splirge
Audible Instruments – Modal Synthesizer
Autodafe – 1×8 Mult
Frozen Wasteland – BPM LFO
HetrickCV – Random Gates
Impromptu Modular – Clocked, Tact-1
NYSTHI – Mverb, 4DCB
RJModules – Button
Scanner Darkly – Orca’s Heart
Skrylar – JACK I/O
Squinky Labs – Form
Stoermelder – 8Face, uMap
SynthKit – Clock Divider
VCV – VCA-2, ADSR, 8vert

Note that the screenshot includes some unused modules.

As always, deep gratitude to the developers of these and all other plugins for VCV Rack. Ditto to Andrew Belt, creator of VCV Rack, and to the community of most excellent users. Peace to all.

29 October 2020

612 PM
  • State: Work In Progress
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  • Category: Composition Sequencer Synthesizer
  • Revision: 1.0
  • License: Custom License
    public domain
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