Poly It Up – Channel Rotator

“Poly It Up” is a “Mono to Poly” solution. This script allows you to play multiple monophonic synths using one keyboard.

You may also want to check out Tim6502’s Roll-a-poly:

In Poly It Up, notes can rotate through the channels, without overriding any currently-held notes. If you exceed your chosen max polyphony, additional note inputs will be ignored. You can also select the range of channels used in the rotation.

The “Chans” knob controls the number of channels used, i.e. the number of synthesizers you’re outputting MIDI to.

The “Start” knob shifts the range of channels used, and the label shows which channel is first in the range.

For example, if the “Start” knob is at 6 and the “Chans” knob is at 4, you’re using Channels 6, 7, 8, and 9.

The “InChan” knob allows you to set the channel on which Mozaic is receiving input, so that it can anticipate the correct pitch bend message.

The “PB” knob allows you to determine whether pitch bend messages are sent to all notes, or the most recently-played note. The latter mode is fun for playing chords and leads together using Velocity Keyboard by Blue Mangoo.

“Poly It Up” is a component of “Microtonal Maker”, which allows you to play multiple instances of any synth, or multiple synths, using microtonal scales, by sending a pitch bend message to each individual scale.

Special thanks to -ki for optimizing the code and adding new features!

V. 1.3 Fixes a minor glitch and some typos
V. 1.4 Adds proper functionality for pitch bend messages
V. 1.5, modified by -ki, optimizes the code and adds a knob to allow the pitch bend message to be sent to multiple channels. Also, currently-held notes are now indicated with a lighter, aqua color.

If you have any suggestions for improvements, please let me know in the comments below. Thanks for checking out my script!

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