Roll-a-Poly distributes incoming MIDI notes over channels 1-N allocated dynamically.
It is very configurable and controllable. MPE channel mapping is followed.
As you construct your Polysynth, ensure each monomorphic synth listens to its channel.

– control messages are sent to where the incoming channel was directed (for MPE support)
Hit SHIFT to toggle this behavior and always send to all channels instead.
– use the knob to select highest output channel: 1 .. N
– turn Panic knob past midpoint to terminate currently engaged notes
– policy for free slot: scanning left-right, right-left, round robin, and RR reversed
>>> hit a pad to start allocation from there. Hit it again to start from left / right.
– eviction of notes: none, lowest, highest, oldest, newest

Roll-a-Poly is based on Bram Bos’ PolyMono script and ideas from Skyblazer’s Poly It Up.

One comments on “Roll-a-poly
  • david_pelleg on said:

    Wish there was an option to capture 3 notes, sort high to low then put the low to Ch1, mid to Ch2, high to Ch3.
    Trying to use to play a live “horn section” with 3 SWAM instruments (Trombone = low, Sax = mid, trumpet = high).
    I just got Mozaic so trying to figure out how to modify your excellent patch.

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