Our and Are — a fuzz synth thing

I recently got a Montreal Assembly Your and You’re. Like all of Scott Monk’s creations, it is fabulous.

I wanted to see if I could create something like it in ZOIA. Unfortunately, ZOIA does not have oscillator sync, so I used the next best option, an XOR bit modulator (employed in my PLL patches).

(What a shame; I guess I have to settle for another, entirely satisfying type of mayhem.)

A fuzz and a triangle wave oscillator fight with one another for control of the sound, producing noisy, strange artifacts.

You can set the GAIN of the fuzz, which affects how it reacts to the oscillator.

You can set the DUTY CYCLE of the oscillator, which affects how it reacts to the fuzz.

You can also set the oscillator FREQUENCY. Or you can control it with pitch tracking (LEFT STOMPSWITCH) or an envelope follower (MIDDLE STOMPSWITCH). The oscillator also has SLEW, so it can slide between notes (both pitch tracking and envelope follower pass through this).

When pitch tracking is engaged, the frequency control determines how far the oscillator is offset from the tracked pitch. When it is bypassed, it controls the frequency of the oscillator.

There is also a “sample and hold” circuit (clocked random module) engaged with the RIGHT STOMPSWITCH that can be engaged and also passes through the slew limiter.

There is a GATE, to keep it from screaming incessantly.

And a tilt-style EQ control, to change how its screaming sounds.

The signal path is mono, from the left input to the left output.

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  • Christopher H. M. Jacques on said:

    Someone informed me that “Our” and “Are” are not homophones, like “Your” and “You’re.” I realized the problem instantly, of course… they were not an Appalachian.

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