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I love the Organelle, its portability, its flexibility…
However, one thing I wished was that I could run multiple patches at once, combine them in different ways.

Enter Orac,
The modular for your pocket :)

## Installation
– ensure you have OS 3.1, these can be downloaded from http://organelle.io
– download orac, which is a zop package
– copy the zop patch to your usb drive into patch so /usbdrive/Patches
(or a subdirectory if you wish)
– load usb stick is loaded onto Organelle,
– on Organelle, patch menu shows , “Install orac” – click it : )

What is orac?

**its a modular with a difference**, no building synths, no pesky wires or patching, no bleeps, no lab coats.
The modules are musically useful things, like synths, fx, sequencers rather than small things like oscillators.
Yet, being modular, you still get to choose which, how many of each, and how audio and signals are routed.

A simple case might be a sequencer into a synth into some fx.
But you can get much more complex, with multiple ‘chains’, where you have different sequencers into different synths.
So, you can have drums running in one chain, asequence a bass line on another, and play a lead on top, that is all possible on one organelle :)

As of Today, there are over 50 modules to choose from, cover sequencers, synths, fx, recorders and include all my MI modules, and also a large number of C&G patches modified to modular format.

(Orac is also designed to be easy for patch developers to add new modules, more on that later)

These modules can be freely inserted into 10 slots, where a ‘routing’ module allows you to control how audio/notes/midi is routed around the rack.

Once your rack is perfected you can save and recall presets.
Need more hands on control, no worries, it supports midi learn.

All this is very easy to use, but I hope opens many creative doors.

My detailed walkthrough video


Basic controls:
– short press encoder, enter main menu.
– turning encoder takes you thru pages of the current module
– press and hold encoder + aux , list module slots and select
– press and hold encoder + first 10 keys , select module slot 0-9

Main menu:
– module line : shows current module , press encoder, list available menus to switch to
– preset line : shows current preset, press encoder for preset menu,
– midi learn : activate/deactivate midi learn
– save : save presets and midi learn to ‘disk’
– home : return to organelle menu

Preset menu:
new : create new preset (will be called New #1 etc, can be renamed in orac-rack.json file)
update: updates the current preset with changes to parameters, midi cc (non persistent, see Save above)
list of presets: select preset to load

Midi cc learn:
activate in main menu
then turn parameter you want to learn
then turn your midi controller (above zero)
(repeat steps)
deactivate midi learn in menu
note: if you want to cancel a learn , turn your midi controller to zero

This project is only possible because developers have shared code freely under open source, a case of ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’.
Special thanks to C&G for releasing their patches, they are well written and it was fun to ‘modularise’ them, and also to Mutable Instruments which my MI modules are based on.

Also Id like to thank Ziv (Loopop), Antonio (@keymanpal), and C&G (@ChrisK / @ Oweno) for helping during pre-release by providing invaluable feedback and suggestions.

17 comments on “Orac
  • whitenoiseitself on said:

    Thank you for this ! it’s a game changer.

  • Ben Norland on said:

    Oh Goodness Me

    Amazing work

  • Saki Ciselas on said:

    OMG!!! That is so cool!

  • baptiste on said:

    Bloody excited to try this. Looks like we have a ER-301 little brother here :)

  • alfa.julia on said:

    Great !
    This is what I ever wanted !!

  • garfeildissublettingmybedpan21116 on said:

    i think it might just be my lack of understanding, but i cant seem to get multiple chains going, i go to the 10 module and set it to one of the routings and i start selecting synths and all that for the modules but only chain 1 seems to sound, the 1x 10 works fine, just get drums and synth going yet…

  • KB on said:

    Hi all need a bit of help. Using usb midi from my daw to organelle and works great with all patches except Orac. Any help would be great please!

  • thetechnobear on said:

    For support questions please post on the C&G forum, as I don’t actively monitor Patchstorage – also there’s an active community there who may also be able to help.

    Mark aka TheTechnobear

  • smallcorner on said:

    Many thanks. At least 10 !

  • Sam Maddison on said:

    This patch looks absolutely amazing. Am I the only one having trouble with getting this to show up on my organelle?

  • ADFS on said:

    Many Thanx for that ! Sadly the lovely Organelle is hard on the limit and it is not that stabil… or is it my fault ?

  • thetechnobear on said:

    @sam and @ ADFS , if you have issues, please come to the C&G forum where I can help you out.
    ADFS, Orac is stable – however, it appears there is a small issue with lmnts (and apparently brds occasionally brds, unconfirmed) ….. other modules are fine.
    of course the Organelle has hardware limits, so its worth exploring different modules to see how you can best work within this limitations. e.g. using mono versions of patches when you only need a single voice.
    if you think your going to be able to load up 10 copies of the most cpu intensive modules, thats an unreastic expectation , these are there to be used more sparingly :)
    i wish there was a better way i could help advise the user of cpu load of a module, but really there isn’t… (measuring cpu would in itself, take away cpu…)
    so,on the surface Orac is simple, it hides complexities, but actually there are many things you can do to learn to get the most out of your Organelle….

    anyway, come to the forum, and discuss these things, and hopefully I can help you get more out of Orac and your organelle!

  • KB on said:

    I posted in forum….no response
    All I need to know is why usb midi doesn’t respond to Orac patch. I’m on road doing shows and would love help in any form.


  • thetechnobear on said:

    @KB Im pretty sure I did respond to your post…
    as I said on the post, the only thing that is Orac specific is you need to set the Midi In Channel on the router module.
    if you have a more general problem with OS 3.0/3.1 then should post details.
    sorry, I can find neither your post (as I dont know your username) , nor my reply (as ive made tons to replies over last few days!

    BUT I keep repeating here, dont post here for support… Im one person, expecting me to go on to multiple sites to support Orac is not helping me at all.
    (and you can clearly see Im very active on the C&G forum)

  • KB on said:

    Thanks much
    Will try

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