Orac 2.0 for Qubit Nebulae

a modular synth/fx environment

see my youtube channel for more details on Orac 2.0 and how to use.

see video below for installation details

if you use my new alternative firmware then installation is a simple matter of copying get pkg files to the usb driver, and then rebooting nebulae.

there is no need to use the package installer or wifi instrument as this functionality is now contained in my version of the firmware



for issues, feedback etc:

change log
2.0.1 small note_cvin improvements
2.0 initial release

1442 PM
  • Platform:
  • Category: Effect Sampler Sequencer Synthesizer Utility
  • Revision: 2.0.1
  • License: GNU General Public License v3.0
  • Views: 2,719
  • Modified: 4 months ago
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3 comments on “Orac 2.0 for Qubit Nebulae
  • vashole on said:

    that is amazing, but I’m struggling a bit with the Nebulae:
    1. can’t connect to wi-fi
    2. endless reload when wi-fi module is loaded
    3. when I change orac instr it’s very slow, not immediate as in your video

    I need to reinstall Nebulae firmware everytime I load wi-fi instr

  • vashole on said:


    nebulae is connected to the wifi but both lemur and pd patch can’t communicate

  • thetechnobear on said:

    sorry, I don’t come to patchstorage to check comments, that why I recommend the bela forum (until qubit have there own)

    >I need to reinstall Nebulae firmware everytime I load wi-fi instr
    then something is wrong … this is not the case,
    what you do need to do, due a bug in nebulae firmware is alway switch back to the granular synth before you shutdown – this is true of all custom instruments … this is fixed in next nebulae firmware

    pd patch on client, have you changed the hostname at the bottom of the patch?
    you could try using the ip address if the nebulae is not responding too alarmpi.
    (note on some OS you will need to use alarmpi[DOT] not just alarmpi)

    also remember to use the remote client you need to start MEC as detailed in the above video

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