Nebulae Firmware (Technobear)

Ive extended the Nebulae v2 to add some extras

– Enable WiFi Access Point
– Enable Wifi connection to network
– Enable Web File manager
– Better v/oct handling
– Supercollider support w/ sc3 plugins

copy file to usb drive,
reboot nebulae
nebulae will install, rebooting TWICE.
wait for normal ‘blue lights’


for access point:

whilst nebulae powers on hole down the SPEED encoder
you will see purple lights as it starts

wait around 10 seconds

on your computer you will see a new wifi network called

join it, password is

web access is:

for connection to wifi lan (advanced use ;) )

create a file on usb drive called

(no filename extension!!! )

with the following contents:
(adding your wifi name and password)

Description=’wifi for netctl’

again, reboot holding SPEED encoder and it will use this network instead of access point

IP address will dependent upon your wifi network, you may need to search to find it ;)

for any questions etc, please ask on the MW thread

some example supercollider patches can be found here:

(sc = supercollider folder)

do NOT post here ;)

Change Log
2.2.2 – add sc3 plugins for supercollider, add default server options
2.2.1 – rewritten supercollider support to use sclang
– fixed pd/sc issue not updating values
2.2.0 – add support for supercollider (credit: Stefano Catena )
2.1.5 – improved web browser, usb loads pdexternals, quick start handling
2.1.4 – improved v/oct handling
2.1.3 – initial release

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  • Revision: 2.2.2
  • License: GNU General Public License v3.0
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