Never A Straight Answer

Yet another “single VCO generative patch”.
Believe it or not, a single VCO has a lot of potential.

This Patch reminds me some Kind of a Soundtrack (maybe a Sci-Fi or a Horror Movie).
Please notice the Capitalization of this Patch Title.

The generative Trick here (which I often use) is to have a Reset Input on the Sequencer which is fired randomically.
This adds Variations to the played Sequence by restarting it at a random Step every now and then.

I do not know why, but YouTube made a wrong link to this video, and it starts some seconds after the actual beginning.
It happens on several videos and I cannot manually change it, it’s YouTube’s FAULT.

As usual, overlaying some time-delayed instances (i.e.: 30 secs or more per
layer) enrichens the overall experience – try to match (or cleverly mismatch)
the rhythms, if any.
But this particular Patch could cause (probably not desired) Asynchronicities.

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