Monome Grid Sequencer

NOTE: An updated patch that utilizes a new serialosc installer and Monome Grid apps is available here:

A step sequencer designed to be used with a Monome 128 and Organelle. It includes a delay effect and a simply polyphonic voice, based on the [voice] patch that ships with the Organelle.

A full setup guide is here:

The zip includes the Monome-Installer patch, which must be run first. If you encounter issues, please post on issues on the Github as this is WIP. There is also a thread on the C&G forum here:

The sequencer itself is based on the Monome Grid Studies tutorials over at

The sequencer supports 5 note polyphony. However I’ve been using this patch with a Moog Minitaur, which is monophonic.

Multiple Pages can be accessed via AUX.

Page 1: Time
1. BPM
2. NoteStep
3. Octave
4. Transpose

Page 2: Delay
1. Mix
2. Time
3. Quantized Time
4. Feedback

Page 3: Voice
1. Tune
2. Decay Time
3. Waveform
4. Volume

Long-Hold AUX to save/recall presets.

For audio-in, Delay is applied to right channel only.

All notes are sent to MIDI Out.

Demo Videos:



3 comments on “Monome Grid Sequencer
  • atomboyd on said:

    Dying to try this. Any chance it works on the 40h (monome 64)?

  • Gilberto Monte on said:

    Is it possible share a version to the 40h (monome 64)?

    Thanks for your great work!

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