Monome Grid Apps + Serialosc Installer

This is an updated installer to use as a starting point for developing software that utilizes Monome Grid hardware. It currently relies on serialosc, the official monome osc server to be installed on the Organelle. An installer patch is included.

Required Hardware

– Critter + Gutari Organelle
– Tested with Monome 128 Grid Grayscale (non varibright), other Monome Grids should work


– Powered USB Hub

How to Use

– Copy the example patches to your Organelle’s USB drive or SD card.
– Plug in the Monome in via USB. Note: The Organelle’s USB port doesn’t supply enough power for a Monome 128 Grid to light all its LED’s, a powered USB hub was required.


Run SerialOSC-Installer first. This patch installs the serialosc binaries and libmonome shared libraries to the Organelle’s OS. It also adds serialosc as a daemon that runs at startup.

– Plug in the Monome Grid via USB
– Press AUX to start installation

Upon a successful installation, the display should notify you if it is connected and active and the Grid’s light should illuminate. Pressing a key will light it up.



SerialOSC Installer patch.

Monome Basic Poly

Inidividual Monome Keys illuminate when pressed and trigger the Basic Poly voice patch that shipped with the Organelle.
Grid Apps

Grid Apps

Various Grid apps examples ported to PureData from Aleph via, including

– grid
– kria
– meadowphysics
– step
– whitewhale

Note: These apps do not make sound, but can be used as a starting point for your patches.

3 comments on “Monome Grid Apps + Serialosc Installer
  • Prnts on said:

    Not sure if I’m doing something wrong but I’m only able to send midi note/triggers when running whitewhale. Meadowphysics and kria are not sending out

    My setup has organelle running off the sd card with my grid and digitone using the USB ports.

  • Smal1 on said:

    Thanks to everyone for this project. It is a useful and necessary addition.

  • chapelier fou on said:

    Many thanks !

    Just to be sure, you only implemented the led x y s message ? Nothing like all, ets ?
    Also, any hope for an arc support ?

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