Meeeeeat — a box of suboctave subwoofer rattling

Based on the DOD Meatbox. Absolutely all caveats extend regarding its ability to damage speakers, headphones, etc.. Use with caution. (This might sound like a joke, but it is not.)

The Meatbox famously takes the suboctave synth to 11 by adding boosts at 30 Hz and 60 Hz. It can rattle your cage.

I added a couple of additional features: in the original, the frequency bands could only be boosted; here they can be cut, too, to better shape the low-end; I threw a fuzz on because why not (the fuzz actually attenuates some of the low-end); and I added a “bright” switch which moves the sub-octave’s filter up an octave (otherwise it tracks pitch).

The patch is mono in (left) and dual mono out.



Left — fuzz on (also available via UI button at the bottom of the page)

Middle — bright on (also available via UI button at the bottom of the page)

Front page:

Octave — controls the mix between dry signal and sub-octave. The sub-octave has a bit of buzz on it, which, as far as I can tell from the demos (never used a Meatbox in person) fits the original. If you’d like a smoother suboctave, there’s an envelope follower on the second page that you could add some attack to.

Level — output level

30 Hz — boost or cut a band centered around 30 Hz (super low)

60 Hz — boost or cut a band centered around 60 Hz (pretty low)

I also included the original Meatbox’s meat-based names for these controls.

As I mentioned, I’ve never used one of these in person, and given the nature of the beast, I’m sure there are things that are not captured in video demos (because low-end compression). But this thing certainly moves air.

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