Lite Brite — blinky lights and stuff

Lite Brite is a drawing/animation patch. Each grid point on the first page has a UI button. Press on a grid button, and while you hold it down, it will change color. Press again to reset the button. You can adjust the refresh rate by changing the settings of the clock divider on the second page.

You can also animate the grid: There is a switch in the top right corner of the second page; its output is connected to each UI button. Whatever CV modulation (LFO, sequencer, etc.; there may be room for an envelope follower, but I haven’t tested this) you connect to the input of the switch will be sent to the UI buttons. (Some familiarity with UI button color scaling will help give you the best results; consult the module index.)

You can turn the animation on and off with the middle stompswitch.

If you make a drawing you want to save, lock the patch before saving the patch. To do this press the left stompswitch. When the patch is locked, no changes can be made to the grid.

The patch passes audio in stereo. (I’m working on a slightly scaled down — 6 x 5 instead of 8 x 5 — version which generates audio based on what lights you place where, but I haven’t nailed down a mechanism I like yet.)

The mechanism the UI buttons use might be of interest for people looking for different control/UI options:

UI button (CV out enabled) — .1% –> sample and hold input
UI button –> flip flop

Sample and hold output –> multiplier input1
Flip flop –> multiplier input2

Multiplier –> sample and hold input

Clock divider (via switch for locking the patch) –> sample and hold trigger input

Sample and hold output –> UI button

Putting 40 of these in a patch consumes a lot of CPU, but in smaller quantities, they are a relatively cheap way to make adjustments without having to bias/adjust parameters.

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