Keyed poly 4 — MIDI-playable synthesizer and looper

This is a MIDI port of my Keypad Poly 4 patch, as sort of requested by Josh Cole in the comments for that patch.

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I refer you to that patch for more notes on the controls:

Along with being MIDI playable (MIDI default channel is 1; MIDI modules are found one page 1, titled “MIDI,” if you want to reassign to a different channel), the patch adds velocity and aftertouch, both of which were impossible using a keyboard module. I did not port the peculiar paraphonic sustain of the other patch, either.

Velocity is routed to the amp envelope. You can turn velocity off and on, whichever you prefer (I prefer on).

Aftertouch is routed to a vibrato, the controls for which are on the front page. Mod wheel (CC1) is also routed to the vibrato.

The patch isn’t the most versatile, but it does excel at kind of piano sounds and sort of stringed instrument sounds. The looper makes it a fun little sandbox for creating micro-compositions.

The video doesn’t show it very well, but there’s a nice little lightshow going on while you play. I’ll let you discover it.

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  • Revision: 1.0
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