Impaktor 2

Ha, the long awaited Impaktor 2 is here!

No, it’s not audio, it is midi triggered. Less hassle with sound leaks, cleaner sound.

One track, notes from C2 to G

The range has been moved to C7-B7 or thereabouts so don’t freak out if you don’t hear a sound!!! I had to do that because my Roland SPDS only transmits on one channel so I have different kits and instruments on different octave ranges..Sorry about that.

This one is to be tweaked, of course.

V 1.1 added further 3 sounds and tweaked velocity for

Roland SPDS pads played with sticks.

V 1.2 dialled in some original impaktor tuned perc tones in a couple of sounds oscillator instead of impulse gives it such a warm reso! Missed it, not anymore! ;)

V 1.3 improved djembe type hand percussion sound.

LOAD AS INSTRUMENT RACK PRESET!! I think Drambo does it automatically but just in case…

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  • Revision: 1.3
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3 comments on “Impaktor 2
  • rs2000 on said:

    In case anyone has difficulty finding the preset in a huge list:
    It’s called “Drum-impaktor-2-f”.

    Thanks @supadom for this very creative instrument! 👍🏼

  • supadom on said:

    Ah, sorry I”m a bit lax on admin ;)

    This is because I don’t really put things in folders and just end up putting category first, then instrument and then version names.

  • drewinnit on said:

    Thanks for this patch Supadom, what a great variety of sounds. Perfect for synthetic percussion :)

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