Hohner Pianet T

Reproduction of this amazing portable and super underrated electric piano from Hohner. This patch is derivate from my other electric piano patch.
V1.1 compact mode added
Load as project file.

V2.0 got rid of some clicks,
In compacted mode only relevant controls are visible.

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  • Revision: 1.1
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7 comments on “Hohner Pianet T
  • jameslondon74 on said:

    Beautiful. If I wanted to turn down the tone, where would I do it? So many parameters behind the hood!
    Maybe you could create a compact instrument version where you only show some tonal controls needed? Like an LFO or filter.

  • supadom on said:

    I wanted to do that but I am still to learn how to!!! Honestly. What do you mean by ‘turn down the tone’? The two shaper modules towards the end of the chain make quite a lot of difference to the tone. There is also a peak frequency module nearby so you could try the frequency knob or turn down gain on the same module. I have it set quite bright so you could take a bit of edge that way.

  • jameslondon74 on said:

    One of the fun things I like about Drambo is how you can use the compact mode and design your own instrument. Make decisions about what to leave ‘under the hood’ and what to expose for the user. You could literally just reveal one controller that changes the brightness / tone of the sound. Or the vibrato, or whatever.

    I don’t want to make that decision for you – but I would suggest as it’s your instrument, what kind of sound changing parameter would you like to give the player?

    I love the sound, but I also really like mellow sounds, so I’d want to take off the high end and create a more mellow, moody vibe!

    I was very impressed with just how much was going on under the hood. No wonder it sounds good.

  • supadom on said:

    I understand where you’re at, but I genuinely haven’t yet worked out how the compact view works until now. You’re right though, there’s no need for all of the controls to be exposed, it can be quite confusing. I’ll upload something tomorrow.

  • jameslondon74 on said:

    Sure thing. Let me know if you get into any difficult, but it’s super simple and super fun. You just ‘hide’ or ‘show’ in compact view, and then test the results. I’m hoping the developers will allow us to select specific controls to hide or show, even edit the arrangement of them. But it’s pretty limited for now.

  • supadom on said:

    Just uploaded the compact mode version. ;)

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