generative patches from my album ‘what remains’

I’m taking this Bandcamp Friday as an opportunity to do some long-overdue housekeeping and maybe, self-interestedly, direct some ears toward my Bandcamp page.

I released an album of generative material, what remains, at the very end of 2022.

In the album notes, I promised to publish the patches “soon.” Whoops. I had all the patches written, but sitting down to write the patch notes for them proved a difficult obstacle. But now patch notes are written for every patch. You will find them enclosed in the .zipped folder, along with the patches themselves.

Some of these patches have received their own livestreams, if you would like to hear “extended cuts,” and a couple of them have been previously published. I will link the livestream links below.

1. chiasmus
2. signify nothing
3. break glass (in case of emergency)
4. dead reckoning
5. what remains
6. wish you were (quantum) hair
7. nimbus

This album contains some of my favorite work I’ve done on ZOIA, so I hope you check it out!

The patches may not sound -exactly- like the album versions: I did some post-production EQing, and in some cases I added to or replaced the ZOIA reverbs with convolution reverbs executed in Bitwig. But the post-production changes are relatively minor, in most cases.

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