Slices a sound source into 8 slices for play and sequences them for playback.

Tape effects: Tape start and stop effects when blocking audio sources. Scratch effect when switching slices.
more rewind speed: 1/2, -1/2, -1, -2
More Stuttering rates: 1beat, 1/2beat , 1/4beat, 1/8beat.
Change the keyboard mapping, the current version adds 4 stuttering rate mappings. Much better to play with PADs.
Changed a name with stuttering effect

Main Functions:
Slices sequencer.
Random playback.
Random rewind.
Higher rates and modifiable depth of stuttering effect.
Possibility to play with PADs.
Built-in monitor to view playback.

Note that when changing Tempo and Time Multiplier, you need to wait for the sequencer to go through 8 steps before it will play back correctly.


The Sequencer module in 8sStutter rebuilt based on Gate Loop Stutter. It is a very useful drambo patch created by @Quartzite

The original version was built on an earlier version of Drambo. It contains over four hundred modules. Very complex and heavy. With the new Drambo version, new and more efficient modules can be used, so I rebuilt it with about forty modules, much lighter. And added more useful features based on it.

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