Forest Haunt — generative patch from my November 6th livestream

Named by Brian Groth and Charlie Johnson in the livestream chat, Forest Haunt is a combination of a pinged filter arpeggio, a string-inspired synth/theremin-y voice, and a couple of loopers that record the string synth and play it back, reversed, either a fifth or an octave below (depending on which looper captures the signal).

Every so often, the key and scale change; the key is derived from the third note of the arpeggio (which might be an octave, so it might stay the same!); the scale is randomly chosen from major or minor scales. This does not always result in the smoothest modulation! But sometimes it’s really beautiful; this is a patch I might use to audition modulations.

I’ve tried to label the pages as best I could, but there’s a lot going on in terms of governing how the patch evolves over time.

I do these livestreams at ungodly early hours on Saturdays (usually beginning around 8 AM US Eastern), if you ever want to stop in.

I restarted my Patreon, if you want to check that out:

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