Flexible Stomp Switching

Utility Patch including 2 versions of a momentary stomp swtich that doubles as a latching switch.

[PAGE 1] Double-tap.

A Momentary Stompswitch button is linked to an ADSR that opens a switch for a brief window of time. Normal tapping or pressing gives momentary activation (of whatever you link it to).
If double-tapped within this time window, functionality changes to Latching (by means of a Flip-Flop).

[PAGE 2] Flexi-switching.

Similar mechanism as above, but now a SHORT tap switches the stomp On/Off, and anything longer than 150ms (time can be finetuned to taste, again in the ADSR) is momentary action.

This 2nd variant is really nice because you can have Momentary ON action, as well as have the effect always ON and press for Momentary OFF action!

There’ s another page that has a thing to blend Waveshapes. Turn the Red CV Value to blend from LFO1 to LFO2. Could be handy!

This is just a utility patch, there’s no sound processing here.
Made with Firmware V1.00

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