Yet another “single VCO generative patch”.
I’m still having a lot of fun with a single VCO.

A slowly involving Drone into something undefinite.

As usual, overlaying some time-delayed instances adds some taste (try to match or cleverly mismatch) the rhythms.

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2 comments on “Distonium
  • SkwareUawe on said:

    I am really impressed by how, from simple patches, it is possible to obtain incredible sounds!! I think your works are excellent and definitely inspiring for me! The only real difference is that I use plugins that rely on old SID chip emulator so I basically use very different sounds but I guess that the logic is the same, or at least I am really learning a lot from your patches! Plus, being a real fan of randomness, I love to use bernoulli gates and other “random” plugins so… Thanks 1024 times! ;-)

  • KLAUSSUALK on said:

    Hey, thank you!

    Yes, I’m trying to keep a low number of “simple” modules (mostly analog ones), to resemble a minimal Modular in real life. These things tend to be expensive, beginning with the case. So, while assembling my REAL thing, I’m learning which modules will I really need.

    Mostly Doepfer (for quality and price), and 2HP (for quality and size). But also Mutable Instuments and some others (for uniqueness). The normalized multiples will be hand built by me starting from 2 HP blind panels at a fraction of the cost of the factory-made ones.

    It’s nice that someone appeciates and gets inspired from my studies.
    Further developing them and making something different.

    Being a real fan of randomess, also the Kinks is fantastic.
    The Noise is already normalized to the S&H input (no need for an explicit cable), and can still be used as a noise source (seascapes, helicopters, wind, waterfalls, drums, …)

    A quantizer helps, although my MicroBrute, Keystep and Korg SQ-1 are already quantized.
    The latter has a random mode and saves space and juice on my rack.
    Great little beasts.

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