Dec 25th — generative patch from my Dec. 25th livestream

Although I am not a practitioner, I figured if I was streaming on Christmas morning, I should try to create something I felt evoked the wondrous, at least, if not religious. So this is my attempt — it employs only two oscillators in E major (I read somewhere it was considered the most joyous key), but a lot of delays, clocked at different divisions and multiplications of the clock to build harmonies, a granular delay shifting everything up an octave, and reverb to hopefully give a sense of joyous, if a touch apprehensive, awe, like how one might feel upon encountering a Messiah.

Each voice utilizes a 4-note shift register to facilitate a sensation of recursion but also change over time.

**This patch requires firmware 2.60 to function properly**

A short story: I did grow up in a religious household, and my first meaningful encounters with music were in the church. The sound of a hundred so-so singers coming together to find a harmony none could create on their own, the brassy weight of the organ, the somber, meditative piano. Silent Night is still one of my favorite songs, with its hushed reverence. All of these had a profound effect on me, the extent of which I can probably never really know. So while Christmas does not have the same meaning to me that it might have to others, it is still meaningful, and I hoped to capture that wonder in this patch. But you can see why I might not make a good worship musician, based on the results.

I do these livestreams at ungodly early hours on Saturdays (usually beginning around 8:30 AM US Eastern), if you ever want to stop in.

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