Bowed Study #2

Second study in a series of research pieces, working the Bowed instrument in the Macro Oscillator from Audible Instruments. The patch includes another Macro Oscillator, two Annuli resonators from the Southpole plugin (with one in Disastrous Peace chord mode), and processors from Valley Audio (the Plateau reverb module) and Squinky Labs (the Chopper tremolo modules). Gate and CV sequencing is handled by two instances of the uGraph rhythm generator (also from Valley Audio) and the Uncertain Buchla-style random number generator. And obviously, the uMap module has been used extensively for dynamic timbral control during the automated performance. Many of my usual suspects are present here, with familiar modules from plugins by Impromptu Modular, JW Modules, Frozen Wasteland, Autodafe, Bogaudio, VCV, Squinky Labs, HetrickCV, and SynthKit.

The patch is also a study in “clocking the clock(s)”, seen here with the JW Modules Clock module functioning as the control agent for the activty of the two Clocked modules from Impromptu. A simple enough device – a brute force approach, to be sure – but the arrangement works nicely to produce surpisingly flexible and musical phrases.

Finally, users should note that the MIDI-CC module is routed ultimately to the foot control (cc#94) attached to a Behringer BCF2000. A non-critical feature, you may choose to omit it or substitute your own controller.

Alas, the v1.x version of the Southpole plugin is not yet available in the VCV Rack Library. Linux users may contact me directly for a v1 build on their platform.

Dave Phillips
12 August 2019

464 PM
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