AUM Transport Control Demo

Showcases the Mozaic Script „AUM Transport Control“ that offers play markers, loop regions and a readable hostclock display in addition to the regular transport controls.

Besides Mozaic it uses the following free AUv3s:

– Spectrum Synthesizer Bundle by Thomas Burns for Kick, Bass and Lofi sounds

– Wider by Infected Mushroom for stereo field enhancement (optional)

– Zero Reverb by Blamsoft as simple reverb (optional, you can replace it with a differnt reverb)

– Midi Tape Recorder by Uwyn for default sequencing

and also showcases the two commercial midi sequencers
– Atom Piano Roll 2 by Victor Porof
– Helium AUv3 MIDI Sequencer by 4Pockets

In the default setup, the 3 spectrum instances get their midi from MTR. MTR Out 1 supplies the midi for the Kick spectrum, MTR Out 2 the midi for the Bass spectrum and MTR Out 3 the midi for the lofi keys spectrum.

There are 3 Atom2 and 3 Helium instances, their instance names correspond to the midi they contain.

If you only have installed Helium, open AUMs midi matrix and connect Helium (Kick) Port 1 to Spectrum (Kick), Helium (Bass) Port 1 to Spectrum (Bass) and Helium (Lofi) Port 1 to Spectrum (Lofi).

The same ‚name-to-name‘ convention applies when choosing an Atom2 only setup.

Only one of the 3 sequencers should feed into each of the spectrums, otherwise you get double or hanging notes.

It is possible to intermix the sequencers and still everything plays in sync and starts at the correct play position:
– Atom (Kick) into Spectrum (Kick)
– Helium (Bass) Port 1 into Spectrum (Bass)
– MTR Out 3 into Spectrum (Lofi)

The latest version and documentation of the Mozaic script (included in the AUM session) is found at

3 comments on “AUM Transport Control Demo
  • mcdtracy on said:

    Epic creation… the use of graphics is wonderful.

    2897 lines of code in the Mozaic script which is called “Untitled” when I went to save the script so I named it which I recommend everyone do.

    Nice tune you added to the demo too.

  • ki on said:

    I hopefully fixed the „Untitled“ into ‚AUM Transport Control v1.0“

  • juanlittledevil on said:

    Another great addition. this is awesome! Thank you Ki!

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