Arvo — generative patch from my November 13th livestream

Based on some ideas from Arvo Part’s Tintinnabuli composition method. I’m definitely afraid to cite that reference for a lot of reasons — there is definitely (a lot!) more nuance to his approach than this patch integrates. So, loosely inspired by, in the most generous sense maybe?

The basic idea is a triad-based arpeggio in C# minor of more percussive synths (meant to be reminiscent of piano) and a ‘lead’ synth moving stepwise through E major (meant to be more of a string or horn sound). The former uses duty cycled sine waves, the latter a duty-cycled triangle.

Every so often, the tempo shifts, and every so often the direction of the arpeggio changes, and every so often the root moves. Everything passes through delay and reverb (of course).

I do these livestreams at ungodly early hours on Saturdays (usually beginning around 8 AM US Eastern), if you ever want to stop in.

I restarted my Patreon, if you want to check that out:

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