airport samples — three unsynchronized samplers for experimentation

This is a rough draft port of airport loops for the new sampler module. Consult airport loops patch notes for an overview of the patch, in general:


— Because of the relative CPU load of sampler modules, there are only three samplers used in the patch. Controls have been consolidated from 4 tracks to 3 throughout the patch.

— On the other hand, the loops (samples) now record in stereo and can be longer than 32 seconds. (The reverb send is summed to mono for CPU purposes and because reverb is gonna reverb.)

— For CPU reasons, the tone control and corrosion control were removed. The record to all button was also removed, as recording into all three samplers simultaneously can be a little tricky, CPU-wise.

— The ported version uses the airportloopsV2 stompswitch assignments, so no recording through stompswitches (yet; again, this is a rough draft. Getting CPU under control has been a little tricky, so I ripped out a lot of “non-essential features” in favor of greatest stability):

Left — momentary, maxes reverb decay

Middle — mutes all live tracks, unmutes all muted tracks

Right — hold down while changing speed-pitch of tracks; the track will jump to the new pitch when released

You can record into the patch as with previous versions of the patch; if you would prefer to load your own samples, the sampler pages are each labeled.

I am uploading this with blank .wav files (airport01, airport02, airport03). I _think_ you should be able to record new samples into the patch without loading these onto your SD card, but I haven’t verified that, so they are available if needed. (If present, new recordings should overwrite these files, and then be saved with the patch. If you want to save a set of loops and record a new set of loops, you will need to create new files on the sampler modules so that these are not overwritten.)

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  • christopher-h-m-jacques on said:

    I worked on it during beta-testing for the sampler, which has been going on for… a while. Most of the “patches” I write during beta-testing aren’t very complete — they’re more like doodles, because I’m testing things out and I don’t know when I’ll be able to release any of it. But since this was a port, it was relatively easy to do… once I chopped out everything that made the CPU angry.

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