Additive Synthesis in VCV Rack

This is a short video about Additive Synthesis in VCV Rack. I start with a short introduction of what is Additive Synthesis, and then I build a patch using a few oscillators that are directly connected to Additive Synthesis.

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2 comments on “Additive Synthesis in VCV Rack
  • Marc_Brafman on said:

    Indispensable à connaitre (Wichtig zu Wissen – google traduction !). Thank you, Omri

  • klaussualk on said:

    Great instructive video.

    OK, now something even more odd than having ADDITIVE synthesis on a Eurorack system:
    Additive synthesis out of SUBTRACTIVE synthesis.

    A square wave, as we know, is just ALL the harmonics of a given frequency summed together.

    By filtering out the harmonics of a square wave with a set of self oscillating filters (i.e.: A-120, A-122, A-105, modded A-124, …) and then summing them by using an exponential mixer (i.e.: A-138b), we should obtain the same effect.

    * Uses one single VCO (which is typically more expensive than or equal to the cost of 2 filters).
    * The sines are always in tune, since they come from the same base frequency.

    To Be Verified.

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