Abyss Water – a single droplet takes us to the depths

What happens to a medium when exposed to a single droplet of water? How about a dozen drops? And what exactly does it mean for water to be shallow? Is it able to emerge from the depths? And where do the ripples go? This patch aims to find out.

Based on the Fairfield Circuitry Shallow Water, this patch is an exploration of modulation and filter topology. Thanks to virtualpt for the initial starting point, I expanded on their patch and enhanced it to true stereo. See here for the original: https://patchstorage.com/deep-water/.

Both patches are based on the schematics included in the Shallow Water manual: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0234/8231/files/KFM-specs.pdf?11739322096957905343

CONTROL PAGE – module placement is meant to mimic the original
Rate (value) – LFO speed. CW is faster.
Damp (value) – Modulation response. CW is smoother.
Depth (value) – LFO depth. CW is more.
LPG (value) – Amount of filter modulation. CW is more.
Mix (value) – Wet/dry mix. Goes full wet at 100%.
Volume (value) – Overall patch volume. Goes up to 6dB.
Resonance (value). LPF resonance amount. CW is more.

See schematic for details but essentially the modulation for the vibrato and filter is set here using two random clocked LFO’s and a set of CV logic (multipliers, CV filters, etc).

IO PAGES – audio routing
Stereo in, 2x Haas stereo spread for vibrato, 12dB LPF (multi filter), audio balance for wet/dry mix, compressor, dual OD (pushed), stereo output with gain control. Comp and overdrives are on the following page.

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