Deep Water

A stereo clone of Shallow Water. I followed the circuit diagram & description from the SW manual. Patch is pretty close to my actual pedal, but probably cleaner. May add some dirt for a future version.

Page 3 has controls laid out in the same format as the actual pedal, so check any image of it to see what they are.

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11 comments on “Deep Water
  • grgllx on said:

    Wahou, thanks ! A Shallow Water clone was my main request for Zoia with the Chase Bliss Thermae.
    Can’t wait to try it !

  • virtualpt on said:

    Hope you like it. Let me know what you think. Happy to receive any criticism/suggestions for improvement, it’s how we learn :)

  • p1afff on said:

    James Peck made a Reaktor version of it. Will try this now ! Thanks.

  • brockdavisson on said:

    I can barely hear anything on this patch

  • virtualpt on said:

    brockdavisson, have you tried an actual shallow water? The effect is pretty subtle. Try setting the mix to about 50% & then you should hear the chorusing.

  • brockdavisson on said:

    No I haven’t, but I just figured it would be a little more pronounced as I barely heard anything but I’ll do what you said, thank you.

  • virtualpt on said:

    brockdavisson, it also varies a lot depending on the interaction of the various controls. Have a look at the manual on Fairfield Circuitry site.

  • hawkfuzz on said:

    I love this patch. Don’t have a SW but it seems to get interesting sounds. The knobs layout page is great. I’d just clean up the other pages since it’s finished and maybe STAR all the knobs.

  • theorist on said:

    This is just the type of thing I was looking for on the Zoia before I dive in and purchase one. Thank you for this!

    Can anyone tell me what the CPU usage is on this patch? Thanks in advance.

  • nathanvassiliades on said:

    Brockdavisson I thought I got a dud when I got my shallow water. I swear it took me an hour to finally hear the effect.

  • waxdoctor on said:

    Well, that patch is really somethin’ !!! Thanks a lot for this!!!

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