4TRhythm – ARP

4-notes arp sequencer with a special method of sequencing modifiable rhythms.

4T-Arp uses a very special method of sequencing ARP. the input 4-note chords are divided into 4 tracks and sequenced separately, and instead of notes, the rhythmic patterns are sequenced in the sequencer. Once you get used to sequencing in this way, you will find that it is very fast, and the sequenced rhythmic patterns can be modulated to produce rich variations very easily. It’s hard to explain this sequencing method in word, you can watch the video I uploaded.

1.A voicing knob has been added. This knob allows you to control the inversion and voicing of the chord.
The function of the voicing knob comes from ista’s 4voicing. https://patchstorage.com/4voicing/. It is a very useful patch for chords.
2.Notes are automatically sorted by pitch on 4 tracks, track 1 being the lowest and track 4 being the highest.
3.A “Fill” output mode has been added, in this mode, when the input chord is less than 4 notes, the left track will be filled with 1st or 2nd notes.

UX improvements:Controllers are grouped together in one area, added a mini rhythm index next to SEQ.

The “m1sha” and “cha777nce” I created can both be used to generate 4-note chord progressions, perfect for use with 4tRhythm.


*There are differences between the interface of the current version and the one in the video, but watching the video still gives a quick overview of how to use this patch.

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