Inspired by Eventide Misha.
update 1.1e :
Now you can play with Drambo’s PADs.
Open the manual to see how it is mapped
Some other improvements
Fixed a real-time playing bug.

You can watch the video for misha to learn how to use it

Main functions:
Play with the intervalic buttons.
Input notes to change the key.
Built-in scales and custom scales.
3rd, 5th and 7th chord notes.
Customizable note ranges.
Built-in 1-16 steps sequencer.
Sequencer can play forward, reverse, back and forth, random.
Real-time change of key, scale, and playing.
Built-in monitor shows current step, note, interval.

I made a short video to show how it works.

6 comments on “M1sha
  • mcdtracy on said:

    Excellent work. Drambo just keeps providing new tools for creatives and this is a powerful one.

  • mcd on said:

    It would wonderful if the +/- interval buttons could also be replicated on the Drambo PADs down below using 4 fingers on the right hand for +’s and the left hand for the -‘s and the thumb for the rest and 0 interval on the lower row.

    The tiny buttons are not great for rapid input of live melodies but these pads can really handle rapid MIDI inputs. It would be fun to jam along with your excellent sequencer implementation.

  • mcd on said:

    NOTE: I ended up with two accounts (mcd and mcdtracy) depending on my access credentials (Google vs Apple ID).

  • zhou-jing on said:

    @McD Version 1.1 provides this feature, hope you enjoy it.

  • mcd on said:

    Thank you for adding this feature for live performances of the “intervalic” melodies along with the sequencer functions. I tried the tiny buttons and the vertical arrangement doesn’t fit my fingers as well as the 2 rows of PAD’s.

  • bengor on said:

    This really is absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much.

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