16 Patterns For Phaseque

Testing the Phaseque sequencer from Sergey Ukolov.

I made sixteen patterns for sequential play. Each note of each pattern has its own pitch and gate port, though in this example I’ve opted for a single sound source (AS Tiny Sine) and independent gates. Also, I’ve kept the time signature at 4/4. The patch is merely an example, so I urge other users to bend, fold, staple, and mutilate it at will.

Phaseque and the Vult Vortex filter are commercial offerings for VCV Rack. The NYSTHI Mverb and the Autodafe modules are closed source modules but are freely available. All other modules in this patch are open source and freely available.

The players:

Impromptu Modular – Clocked
SynthKit – Clock Divider
RJModules – Button
ZZC – Phaseque
VCV – Split, Audio-8, MIDI-Map
Amalgamated Harmonics – Scale Quantizer MkII
Autodafe – 1×8 Multi, Kick, Rim/Claves, Open Hi-hat
AS – DelayPlusFX, Tiny Sine
Frozen Wasteland – BPM LFO
Bogaudio – ADSR
Valley – uGraph
Vult – Vortex
HetrickCV – Random Gates
wiqid anomalies – dual attenuverter
Squinky Labs – Form, ExFor
NYSTHI – Mverb

To these and all other developers for VCV Rack and its plugins, “Gratias maximas ago vobis”. Great thanks as
well to my friends and colleagues in the community. Peace.

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  • Revision: 1.0
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    Public domain
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