ZOIA Perfect Circuit Generative Patch #1

This is not the patch I made in the PC demo but the patch I would have made if I had unlimited time. It is basically the same self playing FM synth that can fade in your audio input with hall reverb on both. However this one does a couple things better, and sounds better because I took the time before the event to dial it in. It has controls on the front page.
1. The Middle stomp switch engages the changes from the generative synth to your audio input.
2. The left stomp switch records the mix amount of 2 modulators on both synth voices. Select the bottom left button, hold the left stompswitch and turn the encoder to loop CV to the audio balance between the two modulator oscillators. Closer to 1 will give the synth a grittier sound while 0 is the smoother sine wave modulator.
3. There is a granular feedback “shimmer” type control that will pitch your signal up and feed it back through the granular added after the event and inspired by a question at PC. If you have any questions about this you can always email me at media@empresseffects.com! Thanks!

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